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                                        FLOOR FUND
In 1997 the Ohio River flooded and went about 14 feet into our
church building!  The waters reached the upstairs worship
area  of the church.  Over the years, the floor had warped
and weakened and finally reached the point where it had to
be replaced.  If you would like to help our small and limited
congregation pay for the floor, please send your donation to:
8491 E. Poplar Ridge Road
Canaan, IN  
Make sure to indicate that it's for:  "Floor Fund."
Any donations received will be listed on this website so you can be assured it has reached the church and applied to the bank loan!

Original Bank Loan:  $10,050.00
CURRENT BALANCE: $6,044.75     
(As of December 3, 2016)

10/12/2016 payment by the Milton Church congregation $2,302.21
Payment by Miller family (from Texas) - thank you! $1,000.00
11/23/2016 payment by A.G. (from Milton - THANK YOU! $1,000.00
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